Travelling to the City


Edinburgh International airport is only 12 kilometres (8 miles) from the city centre and has very good connections to the city via taxi, tram and by express coach. Over 120 destinations are served by over 40 airlines including New York, Chicago, Toronto, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris, Munich, Istanbul, Stockholm and Oslo.

There are over 311 flights daily from Edinburgh airport. There are on average 324 flights from the London airports every week and numerous other major cities in the UK including Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol.

Traveling from the Airport

Taxi – no need to book, always available at the airport taxi rank – approx. £18 – £20 each way (25-28 Euros)
Airport Express bus – approx. 30 minutes into the city centre – £4.50 each way (6.30 Euros)
Tram – Edinburgh’s brand new tram system opened in June 2014, 25 minutes to city centre £5 each way (7 Euros)


Edinburgh is linked to all the major cities and airports in Britain. The high speed link to London gets you from the heart of one city to the other in just over four hours, while the Eurostar service connects Paris to Edinburgh in around eight hours.

Haymarket train station – The closest train station to the EICC is Edinburgh Haymarket station which is just a 5-minute walk away from the venue. You can find more details here on getting to the EICC via tram, train, bus, car and walking.


Motorways and a network of quiet roads ensure Edinburgh is easily pleasantly and accessible by road. The coach station at St Andrews Square, in the heart of the city, offers connections to all major cities in Britain.

Delegates will find the city not only visually stunning but also very accessible. For longer journeys around the city, delegates can enjoy an excellent public transport system or take taxis

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